Where was summer?

As we are heading into the last week of the school holidays here, I was thinking, exactly where was summer this year?

Ok, we have had a couple of weeks where the weather was fabulous, but that was before the kids were on holidays. Since then, the days have been grey and cloudy and there has been a lot of rain.

It has been so hard to plan what to do as it seems the weather has been changing every five minutes. The beach has been a no go as the weather hasn’t been good enough, we have managed a few days out, but those days have all been to places that are inside.

The little holidays that we had, again were to places where there was a lot to do inside. It has felt awful not being able to take the kids outside, and I know how confining it must be for them too. They were looking forward to six weeks of fun, not six weeks indoors.

Even finding an afternoon for the park has been hard. You leave the house and it looks glorious, but by the time you get to the park the clouds have come over and it looks like rain..

On a good note though, it has meant that my daughter and I have done a few little crafty projects together which has been lovely. And our love of colouring has grown and given us even more time together.

My son has been in his room making vlogs and gaming videos for his YouTube account which has kept him busy when the weather has not been good.

So I guess I can be grateful that I have creative kids that are not too easily bored at home, but still they would love to be outside running around.

Hopefully this weather will dry out a bit so they can at least enjoy their last week of holidays and we can have a couple of lovely days out together.

Until then it is back to colouring and crafting until the weather gets better. Lets hope summer returns for us next year.

Take care everyone.

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