Why I Love Blogging

I have been blogging on and off for about a year now. After what has been a horrible few months, I am “properly” back blogging and loving it.

So, why do I love blogging so much? Firstly I love that it has given me the opportunity to write. I have always loved reading and writing, but I have never really had much time to write in my adult life. A couple of years ago I began reading the odd blog post here and there, thinking “I could never do that, I’m not good enough”. With each post I read though, I began thinking, “actually I can do this”. With that I joined Blogger and away I went.
This brings me on to the next thing I love about blogging. The fact that I can write about whatever I want. I can make posts that are personal to me, that help people or just plain old rambling on from me. Whatever I am writing about, I like to think that at least 1 person will take something away from what I have written in a positive way.
I love the way that blogging connects you with other bloggers and readers alike. Great friendships are born from blogging and I am all for anything that brings people together. This is also the reason I am becoming a fan of Linkys, yet another great way of connecting people.
Most importantly for me I love that I get to read so many great blogs. I have learned so much from others and have often found posts that have stopped me feeling so alone and picked up my spirits. Great blogs that make me laugh, cry, feel. and learn.
There are so many possibilities with blogging and I am hoping to explore more of them as I continue on my blogging journey.
My goals for my blog in the future are to become self hosted, grow my readership and possibly start working with brands.
No matter what happens I will keep on blogging. I love it.
Take care everyone.

8 thoughts on “Why I Love Blogging

  1. Blogging gives me such confidence, and has actually helped me with my writing a lot, as I read a lot more since I took on blogging 2 years ago, and the journey I've had just becuase I started my blog, it has given me some awesome opportunities and made me who I am today. I have gained confidence within myself and created a better mindset for myself. Blogging is just such an awesome thing to be doing. Whether it be a hobby or career!

    Isobel x

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  2. I opened a blog when I was in college. But due to academic works and perhaps short of confidence, I had to delete that blog. Later I regretted for doing and then started doing it once more-that's why I am in blogging now.
    I think I am also realizing the charm of blogging now. Just like you, I am also planning to run a self-hosted blog. Best for luck for your future plans Ali..

    Regards from Bhutan

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