2020: Why It Wasn’t All Bad

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Let’s face it, 2020 was not a great year. We had so many new things to worry about, our health, safety, job security, teaching our kids, and the list goes on. Covid19 changed the whole world, turned it upside down, and gave it a good shake just to be sure it really gave us hell. It is a year we will remember for all the wrong reasons. But, not everything about it was bad.


woman lying on floor holding a sign that says 2020 are u done


The awful situation that we found ourselves in, bought out the best in a lot of people. In our communities, people came together to support one another. Offering to do shopping and fetch prescriptions for those who couldn’t leave their homes. Many local communities set-up groups on Facebook to support people and share positivity through lockdown and are still running. We really came together for each other.

And then there were the amazing people that raised money for the NHS, free school meals, and many other great charities. Again, people came together to help others and support those who were doing these great things.

There were also those of us who realized how truly unfit we were thanks to Joe Wick’s PE lessons lol. Many took up running or cycling, online sales of bikes and home fitness equipment soared. We also took a lot of wonderful walks too, great exercise, and great for family time.

It gave many of us the chance to start a new hobby or to actually have the time to do more of a hobby we already love. For me, it was knitting and diamond painting. Knitting was something that I already did but didn’t have as much time as I would have liked to do. Knitting helped me to cope with depression, so getting more time to do it was lovely.

Diamond painting was something that I saw that a lot of people were doing through social media. It looked really relaxing so I decided to give it a go. Now, it is a bit of an addiction for me. I keep buying new pictures to do before I have finished the one I am doing. I have quite a collection now.


multi-coloured skull diamond painting being completed as a hobby


It gave us time to work on our gardens and our houses. We could finally get those half done DIY projects finished or we could just sit outside and enjoy the sun.

2020 was also a time for reflection and finding out what was really important in our lives, it certainly was for me. Covid made me really see how fragile life is and that now was the time to reconnect with loved ones and go for what I wanted out of life. I am sure that I am not the only one that felt like this.

I decided it was time to make some changes. Firstly, I called a family member I hadn’t spoken to in 4 years. The thought that one of us could catch Covid without us talking again was too much for me to take. I’m so very glad that I made that call. I urge any of you that have unresolved situations with loved ones, to try and fix things. It won’t always be doable, but at least you can say you tried.


Lady on the phone


3 years ago, I went through a very dark time. At points, I thought there was no way out of it for me. But, slowly, I came through it. Lockdown made me realize that now was the time to do some work on myself and start working towards the things I want to achieve but haven’t had the confidence to do so.

I saw a blogging opportunity to have complimentary coaching sessions in return for a blog post. I jumped at the chance, It was the right time for me to work on my negative thinking patterns. The coaching sessions have really helped me. I am much more positive now and have more confidence in myself.

So as you can see, 2020 wasn’t all bad. There were some amazing moments and amazing people. Covid and social distancing in a very strange way made us all come together.


2020 letters in flames on a black background


Did you find some great moments in 2020? Let me know in the comments, I would love to know.

Stay safe everyone.




  • Mellissa Williams

    I think we can all agree it was the worst year in living memory. I think a few good things that have come out of it, one being the community spirit of some people. Locally we have collected hampers for those less fortunate for example and I was pleased to donate a hamper to the local woman’s refuge.

  • Sim @ Sim's Life

    Some lovely positives there! There was a ridiculously huge dark cloud above 2020 and in some respects it felt like it would never end. However there were some positivesf. I’m grateful for blogging and noting them down as I reckon I would have forgotten what they were without the reminders! Sim x

  • Rachael

    This post is so lovely to read. I love that you took up diamond painting, I did too! Although I still haven’t actually finished any…! I did a Christmas gonk but I still have a few rows left to finish, it’s a bit late now!

    • Ali Duke

      We got some Christmas themed diamond painting keyrings and hung them on the tree as decorations. They were really quick to do as they were so much smaller lol.

  • Rhian Westbury

    I do think it’s so important to think of the positive things that came from it and what we learnt. My sleeping pattern got better, I got into exercise more and learnt about the smaller pleasures in life x

  • Anosa

    I know for many people 2020 was the worst year ever but I agree even for me it wasn’t all bad like most I learned new skills with all the time i had/have.

  • Kira

    Although it was an absolute rollercoaster of a year wasn’t it ? I can definitely say there were some positives for us and we did try and make some happy memories

  • Lauren

    That’s great you have managed to find some positives out of last year. I have a few positive things and I also met my partner last year.

  • Elle

    Love this post!! I definitely agree with the points you’ve said. 2020 gave us the time to do the things we haven’t done a long time and to care for our family, our friends, and to finally do what we loved doing. I actually am still grateful for 2020. I’ve learned so many things myself. And never did I have the time to really focus on me until 2020. Thanks for sharing this lovely post xx

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