3 Great Hobbies to Teach You New Life Skills

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Finding a new hobby as an adult can be a tricky thing. Many people have different reasons for wanting to find a new hobby as they get older. There is no denying the benefits of having a hobby, from the social aspect to helping keep your mind sharp to keeping you active and focused. But did you know there are some great hobbies you can take up that will help you equip you with some handy skills for around the home?

So whether you are an empty nester looking for ways you can keep busy now your kids have flown the nest, to looking for ways to keep you busy, get you out of the house, or as a way to help you deal with mental health issues, such as depression. You can be sure to find a hobby that suits you, your talents and your home too.


suggestions for new hobbies



Cooking is a great skill to have. Regardless of whether you just want to learn how to make some new and exciting meals for the family or you want to compete in next year’s Masterchef or Great British Bake Off. There are so many ways you can learn to cook yourself without enlisting the help of a professional.

Check out YouTube for some great cooking channels where you can learn from scratch or follow tutorials with your favorite celebrity chefs or bloggers. A quick internet search can throw you out a myriad of recipes to help you get started. All you need to do is to make sure you have everything ready before you start. So if you are looking to learn how to bake or make the perfect cupcake, get yourself a list of utensils and ingredients or a cake decorating equipment checklist to get started.


Knitting can be a very therapeutic hobby. It is enjoying somewhat of a resurgence of late with many celebrities sharing that they too indulge in some knitting. And with a renewed focus on sustainable fashion, making your own clothes instead of buying new, cheap items is a great way to help you do your bit for the environment too.

So get those knitting needles ready and start creating your new wardrobe now.


Even if you have never thought of yourself as green-fingered or you don’t particularly have a big garden, that doesn’t mean gardening won’t be a great hobby for you. There are so many health benefits, including being able to sleep better, improved dexterity and hand strength and a boost to your self-confidence and esteem too.

So start small with something more manageable before learning new skills and turning your garden or outdoor space into something worthy of being in the RHS Chelsea Flower Show. Start with a hanging basket or planter if you are short on space or green areas or turn your lawn area from something basic to something that is eye-catching as it blooms from season to season with the most colorful flowers you can find in a new border area.


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