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5 Apps to Help Your Mental Health

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I think we’ve all struggled with our mental health at some point in our life. From burn-out and anxiety to grief and depression, bad mental health days are an inevitable part of life.

However, there are a few ways to look out for your mental health– especially during the long and dark Winter months.

In this blog post, I’ve put together 5 apps to help your mental health. Whether you want to invest more time in your self-care or you need help putting healthy habits in place, I hope you find a useful app on this list!


The Calm app is one of the most popular mental health apps out there.

It helps users manage anxiety by offering meditation guides, breathing exercises and mental health tips.

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Many people use this app to help them get to sleep or manage anxiety throughout the day. There is a free app version available, with subscription options for those who want to pay.


Finch is an adorable mental health app, perfect for anyone wanting to look after their self-care.

This app gives users their very own digital bird to look after. By sticking to regular habits, investing in self-care and looking after yourself, the little bird grows.

The app also sends out special little messages during the day, such as “You’ve got this”. You can even invite your friends to join, and send messages to each other.

It’s a lovely idea, and it can help you think about your self-care everyday.


The Happify app uses a modern, digital format to offer lots of different resources, activities and games for users.

It aims to help anyone reduce their stress. Whether you want to meet specific goals or you just want to try out a fun game, this app can help you understand how to build positive, worthwhile habits into your routine.

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The app is based in science and data, guiding you to create a happy and healthy life for yourself.


The Headspace app is a mindfulness app, encouraging users to think about their actions and act in a mindful way every single day.

If you struggle with anxiety or panic attacks, this app can help you get in touch with your breathing. A small cartoon figure will appear on the screen and teach you how to slow your breathing during those stressful moments.

This app also offers guided meditation. This concept can be tough for some people, so it’s helpful to follow a few steps to successfully build meditation into your routine.


Mindshift is a useful mental health app if you need to manage your anxiety on a daily basis.

You can read resources about the causes of anxiety, helping you take control of certain stress factors and reduce overwhelm in your life. These articles are all based on data from mental health experts.

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This app also offers a few ways to instantly calm yourself down, such as meditation and breathing techniques.

Do you use any mental health apps to look after yourself? I’d love to know your suggestions!

Take care everyone x


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