A little ditty

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This is most definitely not my best piece of work. However, I thought I would share this little ditty with you all. It just came to me one day as I was going through the motions trying to get stuff done at home.


I must be mad, I like writing lists
for me, that pen on paper, absolute bliss
you must do this, you must do that
try not to get yourself in a flap

You scratch your brain, trying to think what to add
so there is nothing forgotten, you will be glad
As you go, cross things off
then you can hold your head up high, aloft

Now look at that, you’re almost done
didn’t that help, I told you lists were fun
you are at the end, jobs complete
a lovely list makes it less a feat

Like I said, not the most inspiring of written works, but writing anything makes me happy.

Take care everyone.


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