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May seemed pretty busy for me, but I am not sure how much I actually achieved with my blog. This may have been because I was changing a few things around, trying to build a streaming schedule and just life in general. Georgia (we are not saying Booey any more as she is almost 15) was here for almost 2 weeks. We watched a lot of trash tv, baked cakes, and messed around with beauty products. So, I didn’t get too much work done then lol.


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*This blog uses affiliate links. If you purchase something through them I will receive a small commission at no cost to you.*

My Blog

In terms of blog views, I haven’t done too badly this month. My views went up a little bit again, which was good. I really need to make sure that I share posts more regularly to keep the views up and hopefully get them growing a bit more.

Apart from my April blog review post, I only wrote one other post. After noticing how much people seemed to be spending online, I decided to write Health and Beauty products people have been buying during lockdown. The post seemed to go down quite well. I need to start writing more content for my blog. It won’t grow with the amount I am posting at the moment.

Social Media

Instagram and Twitter are growing nicely for me. My growth is small in comparison to some, I am just happy that it is going up! The only thing I feel I need to do a bit more is to engage with my followers and others in my niche more. This would really help my growth on each platform. My Pinterest stats have dropped a bit as I am not posting much and I haven’t made any new pins for older posts either. I have pinned random posts I have seen whilst browsing, but not nearly enough as I need to be. I am aiming to change this during June.


So, in my last review post, I was talking about how hubby and I were changing my channel into a joint one. We made the joint channel and even posted our first Warhammer video to it. The video actually did quite well, we were both surprised. But, after us talking about it, we have decided to do a separate Warhammer channel to share games, painting tips, etc. Hubby is making this channel at the moment. We are still going to keep the original channel as a joint one as there will be more videos coming that involve hubby. It was brave of us to try this, I think you have to try new things to see what works for you.

Here is the Warhammer game video we put up. It is very long, so you don’t have to watch it all.




I briefly mentioned last month that hubby and I had started streaming on Twitch. I will be honest, the reason I suggested that we do this was to keep hubby busy lol. But, we both have really enjoyed it so far. We have ended up buying a few bits of new equipment to improve how our streams look. I have been streaming myself knitting and diamond painting in the makers and crafts section. I have a camera that shows the top portion of my body and one that focuses on what I am making. Hubby has a very simial set up as he streams himself painting his Warhammer models. Streaming this way means that viewers can see what we are making and feel like they are properly talking to us too.

Hubby is doing a little better than me at the moment as he has had more time to watch/engage with other Warhammer streamers. He has quite the social circle growing on there! I have been watching a few knitting streams, but usually, I am doing other things, so I don’t really get much commenting done. This means that as of yet I have not built a little community for myself. I am trying to find more time for watching others when I am not doing anything. Hopefully, by the time I write next month’s blog review, I will have made a few more friends and it will all be going very well.

I think the main thing I have realized this month is the fact that I need to get myself more organized. This morning I have sorted through the shelves and cupboard of my desk so that I know where everything is. This will help a lot. I’m also going to try and get everything I need for the next day ready the night before. I’ve also made a plan of what I would like to achieve over the course of the week, that way I am not sitting there twiddling my thumbs what to start first!


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Stay safe everyone.


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