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Was it just me or did September feel like it was only a week long? I’m not sure if I am ready for October to start lol! But then I love October, we have Halloween which is so much fun, plus it is also my wedding anniversary. Yes, I got married on Halloween!


lady sat with laptop freelance blogging


My September

Looking back on September, it was not a great month for me blogging-wise. A big part of this was because I now have my grandson 3 days a week. Yes, I am a nana. 5 months ago, my sixteen yr old daughter had a little boy. It was a shock when she told us about the pregnancy, but I told her that I would support her. She has taken to motherhood so well and her little boy is gorgeous! He is such a smiley, placid little thing, and he sleeps through the night!

At the beginning of September, she went into her first year of sixth form. Her boyfriend’s mum and I look after the baby between us to allow her to do this. She wanted to finish her education and we all fully support her in that.

I had forgotten how much work it is looking after a young baby. The 3 days (and nights) that he is here, I don’t get much done on my blog, etc. By the evening I am tired and find it hard to concentrate on anything. I am working on ways to be more organized, this should help me to get more done. I am also easily distracted, I think if I write a list of the jobs I must do each day, I won’t be so easily distracted as when I have a massive list of things to do, I also won’t feel as overwhelmed.

If anyone has any suggestions to help me get more work done, being more organized, etc, leave them in the comments for me, I will be very grateful!


October’s Advertiser

This month I only have one advertiser. This is my fault for not advertising this service as much as I could have and not putting out much content.  So, I am going to make a little plea for my blog here. If you could share this post or leave a comment that would be lovely. Plus, it will also get my advertiser’s blog seen more!


The Unpredicted Page

Amber from The Unpredicted Page is joining me again for October. I am really enjoying her blog, especially her posts about manifestation, I love learning more about this. Her posts cover a lot of topics and has a really a friendly sound to her writing. Here are 3 of her posts for you to check out.

Christmas in New York: 4-day itinerary for first timers

10 successful manifestation methods: How do they work?

What does it mean to manifest something?

Don’t forget to follow The Unpredicted Page on social media too.


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Stay safe everyone.


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