Bournemouth Wheels Festival 2016

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Today, Booey and myself went to the wheels festival in Bournemouth. Neither of us are particularly into cars, but we thought it would be a nice day out seeing as it was right on the beach. My son went yesterday and told us that he really enjoyed it, and he told us where all the good bits were.

Once in Bournemouth, we walked through the gardens to the pier approach, from here you could walk to all the different displays.

We went for a little walk on the beach, then started checking out what was going on.

The first thing we came to was a display of Jeeps. They had a sales desk type thing set up where you could make inquiries about the cars or buy merchandise. Also, they had a small course set up where you could actually drive the Jeeps around (I think there may have been a charge for this, but we didn’t go around that far to see). It was pretty fun to watch people trying to navigate through the course, we watched this for a while.

We then made our way to the massive skateboard/bmx ramp, there were quite a few people on there performing tricks. Unfortunately we missed the actual show, but there was always people to watch.
As we walked down the promenade there were areas set up for Land Rover displays and vehicles used in rescue and safety. We only had a quick look at these as we were eager to see the rest of the festival.
There were plenty of food and drink stalls as you walked along, including a double decker bus which was a bar. The smells of all the different foods was lovely, but as you would expect there were quite long queues for them.
Finally we reached the monster trucks display area. Unfortunately we only caught the tailend of the show, but what we saw was great. If you wanted a good view you had to get there about half an hour before the show started as this was the attraction most wanted to see.
We decided to walk back to the pier approach and have a look at the super cars. I know nothing about cars, but even I know they were cool. My son had already told us which ones were his favorites and that we had to look at those.
We had to take a selfie with the Delorean from the Back to the Future Movies.

And I am reliably informed that this GTR is the best car ever (well according to my 17 yr old son anyway).
All in all, we had a great day, finished off with a lovely walk through Bournemouth gardens (where there were activities  for the kids going on all day). 
I would definitely recommend going to the wheels festival, even if you are not a car fan it is a great day out.  
Take care everyone.


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