Cooking With Children Can Boost Their Confidence

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When it comes to teaching our children independence, teaching them to cook and to be able to produce a meal for themselves is one of the most important things out there. We must be responsible for our children being able to take care of themselves when they have flown the nest. Being able to cook is an important skill. But, spending quality time baking cakes, and helping you to prepare a cooked dinner, can be a big boost to a child’s self-esteem as well. Ultimately cooking with your children can be very beneficial to them, and it can be a very special time for both of you. Some people look back on their childhood and remember Wearing a little apron, and have a fun time spending time with their parents/grandparents. You can’t get them involved with choosing to shop butcher’s knives but, making sure that everybody is safe and understands the rules of the kitchen.


girl holding eggs to her eyes before cooking



It’s one thing to teach your child how to cook and fend for themselves as they get older but, it’s another to help them with meal plans and, coming up with ideas on what you can eat as a family together. They certainly give children an idea of how to make sure that you budget for your weekly shop, and purchase the right items for your meals. This can also extend to planning the meals for lunches, and children can help make their own packed lunches as well. Of course, it depends on the age of your child and what they are able to understand but, even getting a toddler to understand that you need to put the cake cases out tidily before you start, is a great place to begin.


Making cooking fun in the kitchen, as long as it is safe to do so, can ensure that your children have a wonderful relationship with cooking and food. Creating little scenes on a plate out of the food that you are cooking with, crafting a masterpiece of a Sunday when you are thinking of deserts, and we all know that children learn better when they are having fun. If you come up with a fun activity in the kitchen it can help with chores, such as putting items away and cleaning. So, timing each other, playing I Spy, and of course,  the fact that you have made tasty treats to eat, are all great ways to encourage children to be involved.

Tasty treats

Finding out the things that your children really love as a treat, and helping them make these in the kitchen can be a wonderful experience for them. You can add an element of education into the cooking as well, with the measuring and weighing, and working out the times and quantities before you even need to turn the oven on. Children can feel a real sense of pride once they have been involved in creating something lovely, and making cakes is going to be one of their favorite activities if you have fun with them. It can also be something you keep in your back pocket for when it’s a very rainy day, so you don’t have to worry about keeping the children entertained.


coloured whisk in child's hand for cooking




  • Rachel

    Both my girls love helping me prepare and cook. I’ve always encouraged them to get involved not only as a life skill but as knowledge regarding what they are actually eating and where the food they are eating come from.

    • Ali Duke

      That is really good. I do think they should do a bit more work on life skills in schools. Most kids leave school without knowing how to fend for themselves.

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