Top Tips for Protecting Your Home Against Cracks & Leaks

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Top Tips for Protecting Your Home Against Cracks & Leaks


You might be the type to leave these things to the last minute, as they don’t cause much of a fuss, do they? You might change your mind when you discover that a lot of cracks and leaks often bring structural damage to your home, mould, and in some cases – damp. It’s actually integral to keeping your home safe and free of any hidden problems.

I’ve teamed up with a company specializing in flood defence foundations to give you some top tips towards treating those cracks and leaks.

The telltale signs

First of all, it’s time to figure out where your cracks and leaks are coming from. They could be from creaking doors, floorboards, and windows; ceilings leaking after rainfall; doors jamming when you try to shut them. These often come down to the quality of the soil your house’s foundations are on and whether it’s dry or wet.

Inspect the roof

Roof tiles and its shape are designed to move the rainwater away from your ceilings and will protect your home from any water damage. Cracked or fallen tiles easily happen due to weather, but it’s important that they’re replaced whenever possible to avoid any leaks.

Make sure your guttering is clear

They often pile up with leaves and other debris across the year, especially during the autumn and winter months when we’re more likely to have heavy rain and the potential for snow. Clearing your gutters regularly will avoid this issue and remove the possibility of water entering your home.


Cracks and leaks are a normal part of home maintenance but left for too long and they can cause serious damage to your home. It’s crucial that you take action on them as soon as you notice them, and keep on top of keeping the exterior of your home clean.


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      We are hoping to buy a house too in the next couple of years. There is so much you need to take care of to make sure your house is in tip-top condition.

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