Top Tips for Getting Your Garden Ready for BBQ Season

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Top Tips for Getting Your Garden Ready for BBQ Season


We’re almost into summer and there’s a lot to be getting excited about – socializing will be a bit more accessible and it’s the best time to have those BBQs. But if you may need to do some tidying up before you can invite your friends over.

Here are some top tips from this garden decking supplier in Hertfordshire for you to get started in making your garden look fabulous ready for the summer months.

Add a bird table or feeders to your garden

Introduce some new wildlife to your garden by adding a birdbath, table, or an area on a tree to add feeders. Watch as the birds come and go during the summer months that can be great for the little ones to see. It’s also a great benefit for wildlife – birds will find it easier to forage from your garden and save energy in looking after their young.

Plant summer flowers

Planting the seeds now is just the perfect time to take advantage of when they’ll be in full bloom during the summer. Lillies and iris plants are ones you can place around a pond, should you have one, and foxgloves and carnations being a great addition to an existing flower plot. It’s also beneficial for honey bees and other insects!

Tidy up your patio

Clean down the decking, add treatment oil to it should it be required, and look to treat your patio furniture. They may have seen better days after several months of being left outside so it’s a great time to thoroughly clean your patio area for guests.

Cutaway any weeds or other nasties

Overgrown parts of the garden happen to the best of us. Cutting back those annoying weeds and any other overgrowth will make your garden look much more presentable again. Weedkiller may also be an option to help tackle the bigger problems in your garden.


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