Have I lost my imagination?

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I consider myself to be a grounded person. I don’t rush into things, and I know what is reasonably achievable in my life. So, why am I thinking far too much about a “romantic” dream I had?

The dream was about an on and off again love affair I was having with WWE superstar Chris Jericho (yes, I watch wrestling, I am a sucker for it). Now, I know that this is never going to happen. The closest I will ever get to him is sitting in the cheap seats watching a wrestling show- and I am happily married. But what has got me in a spin about this dream is not whether it will be reality or not, but the fact that instead of being raunchy or saucy, it was just cuddles at home and long walks.

Why is this a problem? Because it feels like I have got to the age where even my dreams have become sensible. Am I now past the stage where every part of me has forgotten how to dream?

Even grounded people like me have dreams. I have a happy life with my hubby and kids, but surely a little “romantic” fantasy is allowed?

I never expected that my life would come to a point where it was all sensible. Where has my weirdness and lust for hot men gone? I am not one of those older ladies that ogle young men (watch the Harry Enfield show for the dirty old ladies, “young man!”) but come on, let me dream a little.

Hopefully this is just a little blip in my imagination and my dreams will soon be a little more interesting. I may need inspiration for some of my writing projects! I mean who wants to read a “romance” novel with no romance at all. Also, the little bits of poetry I write could end up very dull.

Maybe I will go and watch Magic Mike and my unconscious mind will save some of what I see for my dreams.

Take care everyone.



  • Art Hermansen

    Possibly it is a new horizon in your creative growth. Dreams are the stories we tell ourselves about truths and perspective we fear in conscious, rational waking states.

    Write about the dream, as much as your inner voice needs to express it. Your subconscious, approximately 10 times smarter than your waking intellect, does not value judge, and you could not either.

    To repress your dreams is to repress your tomorrows. You can strangle your imagination through extreme status quo adherence in real life.

    37 million people just got hacked on a cheating site Ashley Madison – a tenth of the population. This is how significant fantasies are in the real world.

    A romantic dream is far removed from taking real life romantic action – so don't consider it a moral crisis. In addition, females are so love-and-romance-centric it might be considered normal to have romantic fantasies.

    I don't know a woman who hasn't had one.

    The Lone Comic TM
    Defender of Creativity And Entertainment SM

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