blogger using a laptop to stay organised

How to Stay Organised as a Blogger

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As a blogger, it can be so difficult to stay organised! Even if you start out blogging with lots of time on your hands, the jobs can soon pile up- and it can be hard to know how to organise everything to fit around your life.

If you’re a blogger, you’ll know that writing content is just one part of the role. You also have to spend time updating old posts and connecting with other bloggers. Even if you don’t use social media alongside your blog, there are always so many little jobs to do.

blogger using a laptop to stay organised

Whether you blog full-time or as a hobby, you’re bound to have other responsibilities in your life that take you away from your blog.

For me, I spend a lot of time looking after my grandson and my family, as well as working at my job. This means I need to stay organised as a blogger if I want to keep up with my online writing.

In this post, I’ve put together 5 tips to stay organised as a blogger. From writing sponsored posts to keeping up with comments, I hope these ideas help you stay organised!

1. Get ahead with content

As a blogger, writing content will take up a large chunk of time- and you need to have regular posts up on your blog to keep readers interested in your writing.

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If you can, it’s important to get ahead with content. This will mean that you have time to focus on other tasks, such as connecting with other bloggers or promoting your work. I know how hard it is to keep up with writing content AND behind-the-scenes tasks, so get ahead with your content schedule for a few weeks to take a bit of pressure off.

2. Create a to-do list

A to-do list is a simple but effective way to stay organised as a blogger. Try writing down what you want to do in the morning and stick to it as much as possible.

writing a blog to-do list

If you’re like me, it’s easy to plan your day but it’s a lot harder to stick to that plan- especially when family or work gets in the way! A to-do list will remind you what you need to do and help you stick to any deadlines. You can always alter the list based on any issues that crop up.

3. Decide on your priorities

As a blogger, there are so many different tasks you could do everyday. You could leave comments on other blogs, write posts for your blog, connect with new bloggers, create social media content, edit old posts, delete broken links, pitch for sponsored posts… the list is endless!

It’s important to decide on your priorities, to organise your time effectively and understand what you need to do from day to day. You could decide on a specific priority per week or eliminate a few less important tasks until you’re ahead with your writing.

4. Get a diary

As with anything in life, getting a diary can help to organise your time as a blogger. Stay organised by deciding when you want to do each task. This will help you stick to your schedule. If something crops up and you don’t have chance to complete your tasks for the day, a diary will also allow you to move jobs around depending on your availability.

blogging diary that says "create today"

On a Sunday, try writing down everything that’s going on in the next week- including social, family and work responsibilities. You can then see where you have availability for writing or blogging during the week. If, like me, you have a lot of other things going on, this is a great way to coordinate your schedule and decide when you have the time to fit your blogging into each day.

5. Don’t put pressure on yourself!

At the end of the day, your blog should be something you enjoy. Even if you blog for a living, it’s important to stop putting pressure on yourself and enjoy the process.

a laptop open on a desk, with a mug and plant next to it. The screen says "be kind"

Choose a content schedule that works for you and try to avoid taking on too much work. There are so many opportunities that come with running a blog, such as guest posting, blogger advertising, sponsored posts and more.

However, you don’t need to take on everything at once- and it’s important to look after yourself first and foremost.

How do you stay organised as a blogger? Do you find it hard to stick to your schedule? Let me know in the comments!

Take care everyone

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