How I Am Saving Money After Christmas

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Lets face it, after the Christmas period, we are all looking at a tight budget. Every year we say we will not spend too much, but we always do. So, I thought I would share some of the ways that I am saving a few pennies. The money I save is going to be split in three ways. Some will be for holidays/days out, a bit will be for Christmas next year and finally I will keep some aside in case of emergencies.

I know some of you might laugh at this, but I have a change jar. Well, actually I have two. The first I put in coins below the value of 50p. I check my purse every night and put the change in the jar. I count it up around once a month and if there is enough to go in bank money bags (the bag tells you the amount you need in it) and the next time I go into town I pay it into the bank. It is a nice little top up for my account now and then.

The second jar (which is actually a tin lol) I put £1 coins and 50p’s in. I do this at the end of the week, usually on a Sunday night. I do not always have anything to put in this jar, but it does build up quickly. The money in this jar usually gets used for parking/lunch on days out that we have as a family, it is very helpful.

I have also started taking a set amount of money out of the cashpoint on a Monday morning and that is all I am allowed for spending during the week. I will only use my debit card if it is an emergency. This way the only money coming out of my account is bills etc that are paid by direct debit. This means that I really have to think about what I am spending my money on. My trips to the cafe have certainly cut down lol. If I have £10 left at the end of the week, I will take out £10 less from the cashpoint on Monday.

If I do have to do any online shopping, for birthdays etc, I always use the cashback site Quidco. They offer cashback for spending with 100’s of retailers. You can make a nice little bit of extra money this way. They pay out into your bank account or paypal, even by amazon vouchers. It costs you nothing to join Quidco and you are only buying what you would anyway. You can join Quidco using my referral link here. 

I have already saved myself £20 a month by changing my tv/internet/phone provider. I am also going to look at seeing if I can save money on my gas/electric bills as well. I will probably use uswitch or another comparison site to do this.

If you would like to find out ways that I make money online (as well as how I save) check out this post I wrote.

I hope this has helped you see that there are numerous ways you can save a few pennies here and there.

Take care everyone.

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  • tammymum

    Ah well done that is some great savings and a fab way to save your change. My other half does something similar and he didn’t empty at the end of the year so it now had 13 months of change in it and it a rather nice tidy sum! Thank you for joining us at #familyfun xx

  • Karen | TwoTinyHands

    These are all good ideas here. I used to do change jars but because I’m not earning at the moment my change is crucial to my week so don’t do it at the moment. I’ve spent £700 so far this month, I’m not doing a good job!! Thanks for linking up to #familyfun

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