It’s My Birthday!

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It’s my birthday! Well actually it was on Monday, but close enough right. A couple of weeks ago I wasn’t really looking forward to my birthday. Turning 38 just made me feel really old. I wrote a post The birthday blues are coming explaining how I felt. By the time I finished writing it I actually felt better.

my birthday candles

It was a day of mixed emotions for me. It was my first birthday without my dad, I really missed not talking to him. We would always go out for dinner on my birthday and it was weird not doing that. Even though I was a little sad, I still managed to have a great day.

I opened my cards and presents over a cuppa while the kids got ready for school and college. It was nice to get some lovely gifts, including “the gift of Ben” from Ben Bob (I just hope he likes the gift of mum as much on his birthday!). I felt quite spoiled.

computer chair and birthday presents

After dropping Ben Bob at college, hubby took me for a carvery breakfast. We don’t do this very often so it was a lovely treat, I definitely ate a lot more than I usually do for breakfast.

We then decided to go to Salisbury for the day. It is about and hourish drive for us to get there. Neither of us had been there for years so we thought it was lovely to go.

The weather wasn’t great, but we were walking around the town popping in and out of shops. There were a few shops that we don’t have here that were nice to look in and of course there were our favourites. although I didn’t see a Primark.

We found a really cool shop that sold geeky T-Shirts and bobble heads etc. I could have spent an absolute fortune in there. I love places like these. We are lovers of sci-fi and superheroes so we were in heaven. I was very good though and didn’t buy anything, I’m sticking to our budget (well, more or less).

By late morning we were getting a bit thirsty so we stopped for a tea. We sat for ages talking about our plans for the future (mostly house buying). It was so nice just chatting away with hubby and not being interrupted. I didn’t even pick up my phone as we talked lol.

Salisbury has a lovely cathedral. We decided to go and have a walk around the grounds of it.

Salisbury Cathedral

Unfortunately, we didn’t get too far before it started to rain. Neither of us wanted to get wet so we took a picture of the cathedral then headed back to the car.

Booey would really like Salisbury, so we have decided to go back when the weather is a bit better. That way we can also have a picnic in the park there. Something to look forward to.

All in all it was a lovely day. I am so lucky to have such lovely people around me. It is them that made my day special, especially my lovely hubby.

Take care everyone.

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