October Review & November Goals

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October Review & November goals

October really seemed to fly by. I was busy all month with blogging and life in general.

Again, it has been a great month. The giveaways I had running both ended. Both of them had a really good response and gave my stats a very nice boost. I am hoping that I will be able to host more giveaways for my readers in the future.

All of my social media pages also saw a rise in numbers. I am really pleased with this, everything seems to be going in the right direction.

Halloween was a busy day for us. Booey and I were lucky enough to be able to go to the Spirit of Christmas fair at Olympia, London. You can read about our day here. When we arrived home we were tired, but Booey still insisted on going trick or treating. She got a lot of sweets and she was nice enough to share them with hubby and I.

Halloween was also Hubby and I’s 2nd wedding anniversary. As we were busy on the actual day, we went out to a lovely Chinese restaurant the night before. We had a lovely time.

wedding photo

Now for my goals.

October Review

  • Learn about meta description: Again I have failed to do this as I have been busy. I have read a little about it but I wouldn’t say I really knew what it was. I think I am going to put this as more of a long time goal and get to it when I can.
  • Try to post at least once more a week: I have managed 3 posts a week for the last couple of weeks. This amount seems about right for me at the moment. But if I get a chance to write more I will.
  • Engage more with other bloggers: I have done this a little bit. When it comes to talking to people I do not really know I am a bit shy. The thought that people may think what I say is silly, makes me cower a bit. I have talked to more people that usual this month, but I think I still need to engage more.

November Goals.

  • Engage more with other bloggers and on social medial: Moving on from last month, I would like to talk a bit more to bloggers and get more involved in social media. I spend a lot of time on Twitter but do not always interact with others. I really want to improve this.
  • Go back and update or re purpose old posts:  I have written over 100 posts. There must be a few at least that I can update or re write for another use. It would be great to have a few “evergreen” posts that are always getting views.
  • Start looking at how to make a media kit for working with brands: As I said earlier in this post, I would love to work with more brands doing reviews and giveaways. I love writing my blog, but it would be nice to get a little reward for it so I could spoil the family a bit more.

So, there are my goals for the month. Giving myself goals like this does really help me to focus on what I am doing. I have no excuse for sitting and doing nothing lol.

I hope you all have a wonderful November.

Take care everyone.

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