September Review & October Goals

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September is over and October is here. October is one of my favourite months of the year. We have Halloween, which means there are skulls and weird things everywhere so I actually fit in for once lol. Halloween is also my wedding anniversary. I got married in a 50’s style dress that had skulls all over it and hubby, my dad and hubby’s brother all wore ties and cufflinks with skulls on. A little bit different, but that’s what we like.

September review & October goals

September was a great month for my blog. I was more focused and organised which meant I got so much more done.

The opportunity came up to do two challenge posts for BritMums. One regarding eating #HealthyRedMeat and one with Ecover washing detergent. I really enjoyed working on both posts. The red meat post has definitely got Booey and I into wanting to cook more meals from scratch.

I mentioned last month that one day I would like to be at a point where I am also adding my income stats in these posts as well. To try to make a start with this I have been playing around with affiliate links. I have joined a couple of affiliate companies and have been putting links in my posts. I already have some banner ads at the side of my posts, but they only bring in pennies each month and I am nowhere near cashing out.

Working on this is going to be one of my goals this month.

I have also been playing with Pinterest a bit more this month. It still baffles me a bit, but I am having fun finding and sharing some great things on there. By luck this might help my page views lol.

How did I get on in September?

Get better at using Canva – I have been trying to use Canva for all my blog pictures. I’m still learning with it, but I am getting better with it. Using different size images for Pinterest is something I have been doing too.

Write my media kit – Again this has been a fail. I have done bits and pieces of it, but it is far from complete. I think this is something I am going to work on bit by bit over the next couple of months.

Be brave and contact more brands – I didn’t contact that many brands during the month. Partly because I was a bit scared and partly as I didn’t have a lot of time. But in the last two days I have contacted three people about possibly working with them so fingers crossed!

And what do I want to achieve in October?

Contact brands for a possible Christmas gift guide – I have already put out some feelers on Twitter for this. And I AM going to email some other brands as well for this. I haven’t written a gift guide before, but would really like to.

Work on Affiliate linking a bit more – As I said earlier in this post, I have been trying out some affiliate links in my posts. Putting the links in my posts and keeping the posts seeming natural and not spammy may be difficult, but I am hoping to find a good balance that works.

Keep writing 2/3 posts a week – I have been doing really well with this and it really works for my blog. The more consistent I am with this, the better my view stats are. 

So there are my goals for the month. Have you set yourself any goals blogging or otherwise?

Take care everyone.

The Pramshed


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