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Setting Goals For 2022 – Why Now Is The Time To Push Myself

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The last two years have been a bit of a mess, haven’t they? I don’t know about you, but with all the stress and unknowns of the pandemic, I have found it hard to think about setting goals and where my life is going. Everything was at a standstill and so was I.


Then 2021 hit me!


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A surprise pregnancy


Mid-February I was hit by a massive shock, my then 15 yr old daughter was pregnant and quite far along!


Initially, this knocked me down a bit, why hadn’t I noticed, I must be a crap mum, etc were the thoughts going through my head. But, from the moment my daughter told me about the pregnancy, she had my full support whatever she decided to do.


We had about two months to prepare for the baby’s arrival. Luckily, we have some great friends and family who helped us by donating things they no longer needed, we ended up having to buy very little. This kindness touched my heart.


Blogging took a back seat


Once my grandson arrived, the world seemed to stop for about a month. Unfortunately for my daughter, she had an infection in her womb a couple of days after giving birth and was in a lot of pain. I (and her boyfriend, his family, and her dad) were there to help her.


With a lot of my time being taken up by visiting them and helping them, my blog wasn’t doing very much (it hasn’t for much of the last part of 2021). From September this got worse as I was (and still am) looking after my grandson 3 days a week so my daughter could go into sixth-form. He is now on the move and I need eyes in the back of my head!


What did I want in 2022?


The time I was spending with my grandson and daughter really got me thinking about how I wanted my future to look.


Between looking after my grandson and my part-time retail job I am very busy and tired. This, at times, has put a bit of pressure on me and I have had some bad mental health days because of it. Something has got to give, and I do not want to stop looking after my grandson!

This is what helped me in setting myself goals for 2022.


My goals for 2022


1.  Get better at SEO and keyword research.


I have bought an SEO ebook from Nele. I’m slowly working my way through it. Some people find SEO easy, but it is something I needed a bit of help with. I know the basics, but need more than the basics to get my blog growing more. I’ve also invested in Keysearch, it is already helping me out with picking great keywords.


2. Grow my blog and YouTube views.


I think this goal speaks for itself. Growing my views will help me to earn more money from ads and affiliate links (*Fingers tightly crossed!*). This will help me to reach my “main” goal of being able to leave my part-time job. My views are quite low at the moment, but I am investing in advertising my blog on other blogs as in the past this has helped with my views.


I have started another YouTube channel in October. It is all about my cash budgeting journey. I have just hit 100 subscribers and I am getting more views each week. If you would like to check it out, the channel is Ali Budgets.


Keyword research and SEO will play a big part in this too. Once I improve how I am using these, I should start to see my views getting better.


Open laptop in front of window with sun shining in. Hands typing on laptop


3. Post more consistently on social media


I haven’t been posting a lot on social media for about six months or so. I’ve still been posting on Twitter, but with everything else, not so much.


I fell out of love with Instagram. It was getting so hard to get my posts seen and to grow my account. Plus, I was really struggling to come up with content ideas for stories and reels, there isn’t always a lot of interesting stuff to post as a blogger lol.


But I know that sharing my posts etc on social media is an important part of being a blogger. So, I am aiming to post on social media more. I am also going to start using my Tik Tok account more. I will probably use it more for my YouTube channel rather than my blog.


Hopefully, doing this will help me succeed with my first two goals for 2022 and grow my blog into something really good.


4. Look after me more.


Self-care has gone right out of the window in the last six months or so. My skin looks terrible and most of the time I am really tired. I want to start an evening routine where I properly take time to wind down before bed. I also want to start doing my skincare routine properly again. Thanks to beauty advent calendars and me having a bit of a beauty product spending habit, I have a massive stash of beauty products just sitting in my wardrobe. It is about time I started using them to make my skin feel better and my confidence go back up.


5. Spend more time with my family.


Over the last two years, it has been difficult to spend time with our families. Like many, I feel like I have lost time with my family, especially with my kids.


I was able to see my daughter during lockdowns as me and her dad have shared custardy and she is under 18. But my son is older and I barely saw him for the best part of a year.


I want to spend more time with them, my grandson, and my husband this year. I am hoping we will get to have more days out in the school holidays altogether, as well as just generally getting to spend more time together.


And this leads me on to my last goal for 2022………..


6. Earn enough from my blog & YouTube to be able to leave my part-time job.


As I said earlier in this post, something has got to give and that thing is going to be my Part-time job. My job does not give me any joy, it is just a means to an end. And lately, I’m feeling very stressed before I go to work and when I come home. My job isn’t difficult, I just want to be home spending that time working on my blog, etc.


All I think of is “this is 5 hours I could be spending writing posts” or “I could have spent this morning scheduling social media content”. I also think of all the other blog-related jobs that I could be doing.


So, this is the time that I need to be putting in as much work as I can into my blog and YouTube channel and make them both grow and be earning enough to at least cover my wages to start and then on to see just how much I really can earn each month, the sky is the limit!


I do have the limiting belief that my writing/blog etc isn’t good enough to make money, but I am working hard at bashing that belief away.


All of the goals I have set above lead to this last goal. They are the things that I need to do and improve my blog and get it all working so that I can start to make real money from it.


So, those are my goals for 2022. I am pretty happy with what I am aiming for this year.


Have you set yourself any goals for 2022? I would love to hear about them in the comments.


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Stay safe everyone.



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