Writing and spending time with the family

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Since I have started writing, I must admit that it has taken over my free time. The kids have noticed that instead of going for a walk or playing a board game with them, I usually focus my attention on a blog, writing page or I am busy writing things down in my notebook.

I didn’t realise this and it made me feel a bit guilty. I love my kids and spending time with them, but writing and all the things that come with it have become a bit of an addiction to me. Besides, am I not allowed to do something I enjoy as well?

My daughter and I have been making YouTube videos here and there, and these videos are fun but they do not take a long time to make.

We both love making YouTube videos together and hope to become stars- we can dream! It is a lot of fun and it could be a great way of us spending more time together.

So I got to thinking, is there a way we could combine the video making and writing? Yes there is!

We have spent most of the afternoon composing a rap. Now, it is far from the best rap in the world, but we wrote it together- it’s ours. The sense of accomplishment we got from creating this rap was great. It was simple, but it worked for us.

Sharing my love of writing with her in this way was amazing, she loved the fact that we had come up with something we could share with the world. Now my daughter wants us to write poems and other things that we can perform together. I cannot wait to do more of this with her.

It seems that a love for writing and performing has been ignited in her and I could not be happier. The ability to compose different types of writing to perform is not a bad skill, and it could get her very far in the future.

Hopefully, we will come up with some great pieces together. Even if we don’t, it is great to spend time with her.

You never know, we could have a best-selling poetry book on our hands soon, as well as fond memories of afternoons spent together.

Take care everyone.

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