My Empties May 2017

I cannot believe it has taken until the end of May for us to get some lovely weather. The flip-flops will be out soon, so it’s time to get painting the toe nails lol! I might even give bronzer a go this year (if I can work out how to use it without looking like I’ve been tangoed!)! So, hopefully over the next few months I will have lots of summery products to share with you all.

empties may 2017

The warmer weather does mean that as much as I love a bath, I will be having more showers. I might actually get through more of my shower gel stash! I also have a few summery body butters to use too.

my empties may 2017

Now, I know I shouldn’t use dry shampoo too much, but some days you just have too. It is great if I am in a rush to spruce my hair up a bit. I really liked this Girlz Only one. It contains Argon oil which is great for your hair and this was made for blondes. The Girlz Only dry shampoo made my hair look lighter and fresh, it also smells great. I have bought another one of these as I liked it so much. Plus it was a bargain at £1.50!

My empties May 2017

I got this Rose Jam shower gel from Lush for Christmas. I do love me some Lush products. The scent is divine. It is Turkish rose infused with argon oils. It has lasted really well. I have used other products in between as well, but still it lasted really well. The only problem I had with this is that it did dry my skin out a bit. It hasn’t put me off buying lush products in the future.

my empties may 2017

It wouldn’t be an empties post without a bottle of handwash, and it’s one of my favourites, Radox! What is even better is it has shea butter in it, another favourite of mine. As well as being antibacterial it is supposed to be nourishing. My hands did feel and smell very nice after using this. I just need to find it in a bigger bottle so it will last longer lol!

My empties may 2017

This little beauty came in the Boots No7 Beauty Advent calendar. The calendar was lovely and you will be seeing more products from that in future empties posts. The beautiful skin blissful body wash was lovely. It smells amazing and made my skin feel so good. It lathers up really well and you do not need to use too much at a time. I will definitely be saving my Boots points to buy more of this. If you want a bit of luxury try it!

my empties may 2017

I don’t normally buy expensive bath products (yes I am a Scrooge!), but last year I won a Boots gift card. Whilst browsing the store I saw one of those special boxes that Boots do now and then where you buy a set of products for a lot less than they usually cost. How could I turn that down! It has taken me a while to get round to using it, but this month I used the No7 beautiful skin sumptuous bath milk. It was heavenly! You didn’t need to use much to get a nice lot of bubbles, and the scent made me really feel like I was being pampered! This combined with the body wash was delightful. My skin looks, feels and smells great. This was my favourite by far this month. I will be saving my pennies to buy more lol!

So that it what I have used this month, some lovely things I am sure you will agree. What have you been using this month?

Take care everyone.

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52 thoughts on “My Empties May 2017

  1. Some lovely products here. I’ve been slapping on the Clarins fake tan in a panic as there’s no way I can get these milk bottle legs out. But they’re looking more bronzed now. Also loving my dermalogica everything. It never fails me. #kcacols

  2. Ha – I just threw away an empty Radox soap too. We go through quite a few of those! And sadly I’ve run out of my organic face butter from The Rose Tree, so I need to get some more! Thanks for sharing! #KCACOLS

  3. I love the Radox hand gel, I always buy it when it’s my turn in work lol. I’ve not tried that dry shampoo before. I’m a Batiste girl usually I have about 5 cans in my cupboard! #kcacols

  4. These all sound gorgeous products. I do love lush bath bombs but never even considered their shower range. Need to treat myself. Loving the sound of this bargain dry shampoo too. I used baptiste but it still leaves a grey tinge to my hair and if i brush it too much to get it out it ends up greasy again lol


  5. I read a blog post this month promoting Our Tiny Bees products. I can’t remember which blog it was (I’m sorry) but I ordered some of their melting bath oil. It comes in a bar that looks like chocolate. I used it for the first time this evening and it is really nice. You literally just break off a square and put it in the bath. It is such fun. Pen x #KCACOLS

  6. I love Lush products, although I do have quite dry skin so avoid anything too drying.
    I’ve not used these No7 products before, actually I haven’t shopped at boots in quite a while now I come to think of it!
    I really like Sanctuary products, I always seem to get them at Xmas, they seem to last quite well (if the hubby doesn’t pinch them!)

  7. I have so many shower gel bottles to get through! Some lovely suggestions here, love Lush products and Boots usually have some brilliant stuff x

  8. I don’t think I’ve emptied anything this month except a shampoo, does that say something about my Scrooge levels?! Lol #kcacols

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