A Fun Afternoon With My Son

an afternoon with my son

Yesterday, something lovely happened, my son wanted to spend some time with me. He is 18, so spending time with me is not at the top of his list of things to do lol.

But yesterday, he was at a loose end (yep, just wants to spend time with me as he’s bored), so we decided to go to Tower Park and see where we ended up.

Ben was not amused when I made him come in B&M with me to start with, though he did enjoy pressing all the buttons on the noisy toys (ok, so did I lol). We also looked at the pet toys as he wanted to see if he could find something for his guinea pig, unfortunately they just did normal guinea pig food. ┬áIn the end we didn’t actually buy anything in there, but we had fun looking around.

We ended up in Mcdonalds for lunch, not my choice. Again, Ben wasn’t happy with me. This time because I ordered a happy meal. I love happy meals, they are just right for me for a quick lunch, plus I got a mini Furrby.

woman with Furrby

After we had eaten we went to the arcade in the bowling alley. I hit the Bingo machine, while Ben played some driving games. Together, we then played ski ball. It has been a long time since I last played that, I really enjoyed it. They have a Pacman version of air hockey, it was like doing a workout, I was literally panting by the time we finished playing.

We ended our afternoon in Tesco. Exciting huh. I needed binbags and it gave Ben a chance to look at all the gaming stuff they had on sale. It always amazes me how much time I can waste in a big Tesco store lol.

All in all it was so nice spending the afternoon with Ben. We talked loads. He was telling me all the things he wants to do with his YouTube channel and other things he wishes to achieve in his life. It was really nice listening to his plans and seeing how much he wants to make things work.

mother and son

We have decided that we are going to spend more time together, going different places so that we can both make some YouTube videos or blogs, it is going to be great.

Take care everyone.

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11 thoughts on “A Fun Afternoon With My Son

  1. Sounds like you had a great day. I think you sometimes appreciate the time you spend with your older children more because you know it doesn’t happen as often!
    Maybe you could swap for a day? He could out on your blog and you could vlog on his channel!

  2. This post means a lot to me! I have an 18 year old too and I really enjoy her company. Isn’t it great when you get to spend time with them just doing ordinary things. Loved this!

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