My Thoughts On The Soap & Glory Advent Calendar

I have had beauty Advent Calendars for the last couple of years. I started small with the Wilko one that cost a fiver. Last year, Hubby bought me the Boots No7 beauty Advent calendar. That cost quite a bit more at £40. But I loved it! There were so many lovely things in it, some of which I am still using now as I am such a beauty product hoarder lol! I was going to buy the No7 one again this year, but I read a blog post about all the calendars coming out this year and saw the Soap & Glory one. I knew I had to have it!

My thoughts on the Soap and glory advent calendar

The calendar itself was difficult to get hold of. I went instore on the day it was released and the staff had no idea about it. And lookingon the website it wasn’t on there anywhere. I was more than a little frustrated as I had seen pictures on social media of people with them! Eventually they popped up online and I got one delivered to my local store.

I was so happy when I finally had the calendar in my arms. I literally squealled with delight! Maybe a slight over reaction, but it’s not often I get something so lovely for myself.

the soap & glory advent calendar 2017

What I really liked about the calendar was the fact that there was a mix of bath and make up products. I love both! It was really nice to have a mix of things to look forward to.

As well as being filled with lots of lovely treats, the calendar looked really pretty. I am not one for pink and pretty, but I was sucked in by this.

Previously I Have used the Soap & Glory Hand Food hand cream and really liked it, so I knew that I was going to love everything that I was going to get.

Included in the calendar were:

  • 2 clean on me shower pods
  • 2 rich and foamous shower and bath wash pods
  • 2 sugar crush fresh and foamybody wash pods
  • The scrub of your life body buffer
  • Righteous butter body moisturizer
  • Hand food non-greasy hydrating hand cream
  • Heel genius amazing foot cream marvel
  • One heck of a blot instant perfecting power primer
  • Thick and fasthigh-definition collagen-coat mascara
  • Sexy mother pucker 3d volume lip shine gloss stick in nudist and pink-a-boo
  • Sexy mother pucker matte lip 3d colour and sculpt in chocco berry
  • 4 Crazy sexy kohl twist-up eyeliners in smoulder, what a night, foil in love, grapevine and cocoa bean.
  • 3 Pillow plump lip glosses in clearvoyant, nude in town and pinkwell
  • Soap and Glory branded tweezers

soap and glory advent calendar products

As you can see it all looks amazing. I have used one of the clean on me shower pods and was surpised at how well it lasted. The pods dont look big, but the shower cream is thick so I managed to get three showers out of one pod (yes I know I am cheap! LOL!).

I love the matte lip and gloss sticks. The colour is really nice and it lasts well and didn’t dry out my lips at all. I have yet to try the Pillow Plump glosses, they are supposed to make your lips look plumper and tingle when you use them. Could be intereting!

All in all I am very happy with everything in the calendar. I think for the products you receive it is good value for money. I was so impressed that I managed to get hubby to buy me some of the full size products for Christmas!

Next year I will definitely be buying another beauty calendar. I will wait until I see all the ones available before I decide which one. But if Soap & Glory do another, I will be VERY tempted to get it!

what did I think of the soap & glory Advent calendar

Take care everyone.

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39 thoughts on “My Thoughts On The Soap & Glory Advent Calendar

  1. I didn’t know that they had one. I’ll keep this in mind for next year. I’m a big soap and glory fan!!!! I got their massive box from my lovely husband again this year. Hand cream is my fav. #KCACOLS

  2. This looks great. I love soap and glory. I’ve never had a beauty advent calendar yet but I’m starting to think 2018 is the year I need to start a new beauty tradition. #KCACOLS

  3. it really winds me up when the staff no nothing about big offers. you’d think the boots hq would prep everyone. and why not get them out once launched. people go mad for advent calendars these days! #KCACOLS

  4. I love Soap & Glory but and a recovering beauty hoarder! Might be tempted next year though, as I do use a lot of their products #KCACOLS

  5. Oooo I had the body shop one this/last year and it was awesome! Perhaps the soap and glory one is the one for me this year 🙂 #KCACOLS

  6. Such a great idea! Why should the kids get all the advent calendar fun?! I LOVE Soap and Glory so this would be right up my street! #KCACOLS

  7. Well it certainly looks more jam packed than the Zoella one 😉 hehe! I have hankered after a beauty advent calender for a few years but this far haven’t had one. This one does look incredibly good value with so many great products, I guess they are worth the pricey cost as I would definitely use them all x #kcacols

  8. Didn’t even know they did make up! I love the smell of Soap and Glory stuff! I’m really fussy about what I use so I’m put off the surprise aspect of the advent calendars – I know, I know that’s the fun bit but I’d rather buy a couple of full size products that I know I love than risking it! A lovely collection though 🙂 #KCACOLS

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