Woman sat reading a book in front of a window

The Great Benefits of Being Self-Taught

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Woman sat reading a book in front of a window


The mental health benefits of doing something yourself has been touted in many ways. Having mastery over a task gives us the confidence to achieve our goals and provides a sense of resilience. And whether you call it being an autodidact, or being self-taught, the benefits are many. 

It Has Positive Practical Repercussions

The great thing about taking the opportunities to go for a subject by yourself allows you the luxury of time. But it also gives you far greater repercussions in real life. If you decide to learn how to fix something like a car, it gives you more confidence so you can deal with this further down the line. Something like fixing a car is a fantastic example because it’s something that seems intimidating because mechanics try to blindside you with lots of confusing terms. If you take the opportunity to learn how to fix a car yourself, as well as components like getting an accurate quote for your auto parts delivery job or learning how to replace pieces of the vehicle, gradually, you achieve mastery over a subject while also learning it on your own terms. Call it common sense, but when we live in the real world, there are so many people that try to confuse us with lots of information, when in fact, when we start to learn how to do something ourselves, we are doing it in a way that won’t confuse us.

You Set Your Own Difficulty Level 

When you start to learn something yourself, you are doing it in such a way that gives you the opportunity to learn at your own speed. Becoming an autodidact is about learning the very basics at the outset. While being self-taught for many people may make you think that you’ve got to be a complete expert on this subject, when you start teaching yourself something, you start at the most basic level. When we are learning a subject, sometimes we feel that we need to rush ahead and skip the basics. But if you start to learn something from the very outset, it gives you a sense of discipline. Because you are learning by yourself, you need to stay motivated, but you also need to learn a way to develop your knowledge of a certain subject. This is why developing at your own pace is vital. 

It Gives You Unique Opportunities

Whether it’s learning a foreign language or developing skills within a specialized area, it gives you a multitude of opportunities throughout your life. The fact is that now, it is easier than ever to learn by yourself. But from a mental health perspective, the benefits of learning a subject at your own pace gives you a variety of benefits. It gives us a different perspective, but also, this practical approach is great for our mental health, which opens up a number of doors to us. 

Being self-taught is not just a way to get familiar with a subject, but it gives us an opening in so many practical and personal aspects of life.


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