A Busy Weekend

This weekend was a bit of a busy one for us. For the last few months we have not done too much over the weekend, so it was a bit strange to be so busy. But it was good to be busy. Though the weekend didn’t get off to the best start.

A busy weekend

Saturday morning we had to take Booey to the eye hospital. Her eye had been sore and bloodshot for a few days, so we wanted to get it looked at. She has Episcleritis. It is basically inflammation of the eye that starts seemingly for no reason. Apparently it is quite common in young people. She has some artificial tears to put in her eyes to ease the dryness. Hopefully in a week or so it should clear up.

Straight from the hospital we started the 2 hour journey to Olympia, London for The Baby Show.

We stopped halfway and had a bite to eat. It was only 11 am but it had already been a long morning for us. I didn’t realise how hungry I actually was until we sat down, so was Booey!

We reached Olympia just after 1. As we arrived well after opening time the car park was full. We ended up parking a couple of streets away. Well we did need to stretch our legs a bit after the car journey lol.

We were lucky enough to receiveĀ our Baby Show tickets from Smart Cells. They are the UK’s first stem cells company who do umbilical cord blood banking. What they store can be used to treat 70 conditions if needed. This is a great way to safeguard your babies future health.

For more information visit the Smart Cells website here.

The Baby Show was great. I cannot believe how much more stuff you can buy for babies now. Booey is 12 and things have moved on so much since she was a baby. I think she thought I was ancient as I kept saying “they never used to have that” Lol!

Some of the stuff was brilliant, but some I wasn’t impressed with. There was a moses basket that was basically a washing basket with a sheet round it. It was actually made of flexible plastic type stuff, it looked hideous!

A busy weekend

As you can see above, Booey enjoyed the Baby Show and made a new friend.

After a couple of hours of walking around, we left the baby show and began the drive home. It wasn’t the nicest drive due to the wind and rain, but we got home safely.

Hubby cooked dinner when we got home, then we sat and watched some tv all together. I do really enjoy our cost Saturday evenings.

Sunday morning I was up before everyone as I had to go to work (boo work lol). I was out for most of the day. Hubby did quite a bit of housework while I was gone and Booey went to her dad’s.

After work, hubby and I went to the gym. Unless we have other plans we always do this. I love the gym on a Sunday evening as it is quiet and we can fit a lot in. The one downfall with this is as I have been at work and gone to the gym I am ravenous! I want to eat everything we have in the house. That means I have to be really careful not to put back on the calories I have burned lol.

I really enjoyed our weekend (well except for work lol). It might not have seemed that busy to some, but I was knackered by Sunday night!

Did you have a good weekend?

A busy weekend

Take care everyone.

Disclaimer: We were given the tickets for the baby show by Smart Cells, but all opinions are my own.

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  1. I hope Booey’s eye is doing much better now!! The baby show sounds like such a fun idea & it’s amazing how people keep creating new products.

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