5 Marketing Tips for New Business Owners

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5 Marketing Tips for New Business Owners


Starting out as a business owner can feel difficult at first – especially when you’re looking at keeping costs low. But there are some great ways you can grow your new business by using marketing. Here are 5 top tips from this logo merchandise company.

1. Research your audience

Whether you’ve set up a physical location or are completely digital you should be continually looking for ways to learn about the demographics that will want to be buying from you. The most popular way of doing this is by building buyer personas – these are ways to visualize your buyers and their attitudes.

2. Create your own content

Writing content and talking loudly about it will boost your presence online, and you will begin to rank for relevant keywords as well. Writing doesn’t come naturally to everyone, but there are many great guides online that show you the perfect ways to layout your content.

3.  Take part in networking events

Many of these are now digital, which means there’s no excuse to get talking to other businesses and potential customers. It’s a great opportunity to chat with others about your business plans and what services you sell – and you’ll probably meet a lot of people in the same position as you.

4. Use social media

Not only is social media a way of promoting your business but it’s a great way of communicating with them as well. Facebook pages offer a way of showing reviews and those that recommend your services which is great for reputation management.

5. Make a variety of content

Photos, videos, GIFs, and more are at your disposal – try and use them in your content! On social channels, they’re a great way of enticing your customers and bringing new ones to your page or website.


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