Things That Have Made Me Happy #7

It has been a while since I wrote a Things that have made me happy post. The last few weeks or so have been busy and it was the anniversary of my dad passing away. Although it was a sad time, there have been happy moments too. I just found it hard to write a happy post, so I figured it would be best to leave it for a few weeks.

things that have made me happy

Last week was the first week of the Easter holidays for us. Hubby also had the week off work which was nice as he was away on a course the week before.

On the Monday, both kids were at home doing their own thing. Hubby and I popped into town to do a few jobs on our own. It is nice that we can now leave them both at home together (they are 11 and 18). We got things done quickly and it was a nice bit of time just for hubby and I.

We went to Upton Country Park during the week. It is only a 10 minute drive from us and we all like it there. We had a good long walk and the kids played on the play equipment they weren’t too big for. There weather was a bit cloudy, but we still had a lovely time. We made a little video of our trip.

On Saturday the weather was a bit rubbish and we could not┬ádecide what to do. Eventually we decided to go to Pet’s at Home as we needed some bit for the guinea pigs. Of course while we were there we had to look around at all the cute animals they had there. They had rabbits, guinea pigs, degus, hamsters and lots of fish. It is a good job I was there or hubby and Booey would have come home with another guinea pig lol!

On the way home we stopped at the Tesco cafe and had a cuppa. It might not sound exciting to some, but we had a lovely afternoon.

Then it of course was Easter Sunday. Hubby and the kids spoiled me with chocolate. I am being good and have only eaten a little bit of it so far! We went to Hubby’s mum’s for lunch. She made us a lovely roast, Booey ate rather a lot! We were then spoiled with more chocolate from her!

We ended up driving home through the New Forest as the main roads were very busy. It was a lovely drive. Booey loved looking at all the horses, donkeys and cows as we drove along. We definitely need to go there for a day during the summer.

These were the main things that made me happy this week. I am sure there will be lots more next week as the kids are still on holidays.

What has made you happy this? Is there anything nice you are looking forward to?

Take care everyone.

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