October Review & November Goals

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October didn’t seem to go as quickly as the last few months have. It was nice to slow down a bit. The month was slow, but I was still busy. And now that Halloween and our wedding anniversary have passed it is time to look forward to Christmas. As well as (hopefully) having lots of Christmas posts to write I am planning on doing #Vlogmas too. I kind of attempted it last year, but am hoping to do better with it this year.

October review & November goals

October was a good month for my blog. Posts seem to be well received and my views for the month were up. I have started to use Tailwind to schedule posts on Pinterest and I have joined a couple of group boards. I wouldn’t say this has had a massive effect on my blog, but I have only just started with it, but I am hopeful it will help.

And in the last couple of days I have also started using Tailwind Tribes. Again I am hoping that this will help my views to grow. If you would like a free month of Tailwind to try it out yourself, sign up using my referral link here.

I also had the opportunity to review one of Prestige Hampers Christmas hampers. The hamper was great, a very nice treat for us all. You can read the review here.

As usual I had varying results with my goals in October.

  • Contact Brands for possible Christmas gift guides – I have reached out on Twitter for brands to contact me about products for gift guides, but the responses that I have had have not been suitable for my blog. I have also contacted some brands by email as well and am waiting for a response. I still have a few more brands that I would like to reach out to.
  • Work on affiliate links without being spammy – I have added a few links to posts, but have tried to keep it to a minimum. I haven’t seen a difference in my earnings, I didn’t expect to yet, but I am going to keep working on it. It would be good to have a little side income.
  • Keep Writing 2/3 posts a week – This I have done! As I have been quite busy I have had a lot to write about. I am hoping this continues.

And what do I hope to achieve in November?

  • Keep working on Pinterest and use Tailwind, Tailwind Tribes and group boards more – I am really getting to grips with Pinterest more and I have been putting a lot of work into it. Hopefully, if I use the tools above I will soon see a rise in my followers and blog views.
  • Contact Brands – Although I have contacted a few, it’s not really been enough. If I really want to make a success of my blog I need to let go of my fear and go for what I want.
  • Connect more on social media etc with other bloggers – I used to chat a lot to other bloggers, but recently I have not really spoken to anyone other than commenting on their blog posts. Working more at my day job has left me with less time to fit everything in. I want to try to make a few minutes a day to connect with other bloggers the way I used to.

So there are my goals for the month. Have you set any goals for yourself, blogging or other wise?

October review & November goals

Take care everyone.

Two Tiny Hands


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